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PrePutt Routine - How to Putt Chapter 5

This How to Putt Golf Lesson focuses on helping you develop a strong routine so that even if you are feeling little nervous about the shot at hand, your routine will help you settle into your shot and feel as comfortable as possible.

All professional PGA tour players have a putting routine that they follow every time.  If you have a routine to follow before every shot you will always know what you are going to do next . This well help reduce pressure to allow you make a smooth shot.

You will want to follow a routine that well help you gather all the information necessary to make good decisions. 

Below are Recommended Steps to Incorporate into a PrePutt Routine: 

(1) First Step is to Survey the Green as a whole and go through the steps on reading greens. You are in the process of determining your target line and the spot you are going to aim for.

Squat down behind the Ball
(2) Squat down and get a view of the putt from behind the ball . 

(3) Walk clockwise and get view from all angles. 

(4) When you get to your ball spot it with a coin so that you can clean the ball and reposition it with your magic marker line facing the target line. 

Examine area around the Hole
(5) Take a close examination of the area around the hole for anything unusual. 

(6) After replacing your ball, stand up and place your putter head beside the ball so that you can take a couple of practice strokes without hitting the ball. 

(7) As soon as you are finished with your practice strokes, move your putter head behind the ball. Square the putter head to the ball and set your feet.

(8) Place your putter behind the ball so that your alignment aid on your putter lines up with the line you made on your golf ball. 

(9) Go through the set up fundamentals on positioning your body.

(10) Take one last look at where you want to hit your putt and then take your stroke.

Don't take too much time or second guess your decision on how you are going to putt the ball. The sooner you can hit your putt after your practice strokes the better. You will probably be surprised how little time this takes once you get the hang of the routine.

Another advantage of a PrePutt routine is that it builds confidence knowing that you have covered all the bases.

The next time you are watching a PGA tournament notice how every tour player will go through their PrePutt routine. Normally, they never deviate from it even if they get temporarily distracted.

In the next How to Putt Chapter we will be going over common putting problems and how to cure them.

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