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Golf Putting Grip - How to Putt Chapter 1

Having a solid understanding of a proper putting grip is the first step in learning how to putt. Among professional golfers there are a variety of grips used. A few of the more popular grips used are  the reverse overlap grip, the cross-handed grip, the claw grip and the Bernhard Langer grip.
The reverse overlap grip is the most widely used grip and the one we believe to be the most effective and the grip style we will explain greater detail. Another popular grip is the cross handed grip. This is where the left hand is lower than the right and the left arm takes a more dominate role in the putting stroke.
The claw grip is used when the golfer needs help in keeping the club head square. While the Bernhard Langer grip is where the right hand grips the shaft and left arm above the wrists. This was developed by PGA tour professional Bernard Langer to help him keep his wrists from flexing and prevent any sudden jerky movements.

Reverse Overlap Grip: This is a very fundamentally sound putting grip and the one putting grip I would recommend to new players

To Build the Reverse Overlap Grip:
Reverse Overlap Grip

  • Position your hands on your putter so that the palms face each other
  • Now take your right hand and slide it down the grip.
  • Your palms are still facing each other.
  • Take a few practice strokes so that you get a feel for one hand being below the other.
  • Also feel the putter stability with your palms still facing.
  • Now take your right hand off the club
  • Begin to take a few strokes to get a feel for how stable your putter can be with your palms facing.
  • Begin to wrap the fingers of your left hand around the putter.
  • Put your left thumb down the middle of the shaft. This will help keep your palms facing each other.
  • Position your index finger so it sticks out to the side. You want to make room for your right hand.
  • Place your right hand on the club so that your pinkie touches the ring finger of your left hand. 
  • Keep your left index is still pointing to the side
  • Your right thumb should point down the middle of the shaft just like your left thumb. Also, remember to keep your palms facing each other. 
  • Finally, the position your left index finger there are several options. 
Left Index Finger Options:There are three choices to the position of your left forefinger. First, you can lay it around the little finger of your right hand, on top of your ring finger of your right hand or run it down on top of the ends of your right hand fingers. On the image above we are laying the left index finger across the fingers of the right hand. This final option final is preferred because it helps reduce wrist movement during your stoke.

A number one key to a good grip is having your palms facing each other.The reverse overlap grip will create a solid unity and you want your hands as close together as possible so they will work as one. This grip method also helps in preventing one of your hands from becoming to dominant during your stoke.

Grip Pressure: In order to eliminate any jerky movements and maintain a smooth stroke you should have a light grip pressure. The lighter the better so you can feel the putter head.
  • Only hold the club firmly enough to maintain control.
  • Based on a scale of one to five, this would be about a two and half to three.
  • Experiment with different grip pressure variations to find the one that works best.
  • Make sure to maintain the same pressure through out the entire putting stroke.
  • Also, keep the pressure from all of the fingers and the thumbs constant throughout the stoke.

Source: Jim Farrell, Head Golf Professional at Oakwood Country Club  http://www.odysseygolf.com/

In the next How to Putt Chapter we will be covering the proper setup, posture and eye position.

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