Lessons on Putting Fundamentals

Fundamentals on Learning How to Putt

Objective: In learning how to putt our concentration well be on the most important fundamentals of putting in order for you to build confidence and become
consistent in your game. 

The average golfer spends less time on developing his putting game even though Putting Accounts for and Average of 40% of the stokes in a game. It has been said that putting is more of an art then a science however there are certain fundamental that are common to many professional golfers.

The golf putting lessons here will take you step by step to develop the proper techniques to achieve a consistent and effective putting stroke.

In addition at golf how to putt we will also cover how to read greens and go over the steps to having an effective preputt routine.

Each fundamental is presented one at a time in the order you should learn them. The idea is to make every putt as uncomplicated as possible. Each fundamental must be learned fully in order to be proficient at putting and after time and practice your putts will soon become second nature.

The golf putting lessons that we will cover are excellent for any beginner but also can be beneficial to a seasoned player to periodically review to keep his game on track.

Elements of Putting:

Below is a breakdown of the putting components that we will cover here at How to Putt in Golf . To be successful it well take practice and solid understanding of the key fundamentals. The goal is to develop confidence and a putting stoke that consistence and with a high level of accuracy.

We will briefly cover some of the more common putting grips but spend most of the time on the Reverse Overlap Grip. This is the most widely used by professional golfers and highly recommended for beginners to learn when first getting started.  [Lesson]

Critical to putting is your setup and posture in order for you to consistently hit the ball square. Proper position of your shoulders, hips, arms and eyes will be key having positive results.  [Lesson]

A solid putting stroke is one that the upper body forms a triangular shape and that the upper body moves similar to pendulum movement. The goal is to not have any wrist movement so the putter head stays square.  [Lesson]

We will cover how to analyze a putting green to find the perfect target line and determine the correct speed and slope. The key is to understand what to look for and simplify your approach.  [Lesson]

In order to be consistent you need a routine to follow on each putt to be physical and mentally prepared.  [Lesson]

Putting is very challenging and because there are so many variables that go into each putt it can easily freeze you up. It is imperative that you follow a preputt routine the moment you walk on the green. By implementing a preputt routine your putting game will become second nature and you won’t have to consciously think through all the steps while you are putting. 


Building confidence is probably the single most important aspect of putting. Most professional golfer agree that the mental side to putting is enormously challenging.
By practicing solid putting fundamentals, staying focused and building trust in your ability and you will over come any negative psychological problems.  [Lesson]
I'm about five inches from being an outstanding golfer. That's the distance my left ear is from my right. ~Ben Crenshaw
Developing Consistency and Confidence in your putting game is the Primary Objective. 

Make a commitment to yourself to develop an effective putting game and realizing that it does take a great deal of practice and patients. 

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