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Overcoming the the fear when confronted with a critical putt is a problem that faces all golfers including professionals. Every golfer at some time experiences the "Putting Yips". A problem that is is psychological and at times detrimental to a golfer's game but it can be over come.

Eliminating any Negative Mental Thoughts and Building Confidence in your own Ability is the Key.

Listed below are recommendations to help you overcome any mental problems you may be experiencing with your game.They will help strengthen and build your self confidence in order for you to have smooth repeatable stoke.

1 - Stop taking "gimme putts". Start to take every putt. Every time you make a putt it builds positive mental thoughts.

2 - Incorporate a Putting Ritual: Start and end each time on the green following your preputt routine. The professional golfers all follow a putting ritual even though they all might be a little different. The point is that by following the same routine each time they take the worry out that they may have missed something.

3 - Visualize a Successful Putt:  Average golfers worry too much about the outcome of a short putt. What if I miss the putt? This places a lot of pressure on the golfer. Get rid of these thoughts. Keep your thoughts on all the times you have made great putts.

4 - Practice Short Putts: The more short putts you practice taking well result in a higher level of self-confidence. Tiger spends more time working on short putts than long putts.

5 - Stop Over Analyzing: Spending too much time well often work in the wrong direction. Once you have finished analyzing your putt just for it. Too much time can result in the worry of second guessing yourself.

6- Chocking the Putter: Weekend golfers often grip their putters so tight, their hands almost turn white. A light and constant grip pressure is vital to maintaining a smooth putting stroke.

 I never pray to God to make a putt. I pray to God to help me react good if I miss a putt. ~Chi Chi Rodriguez

7 - Correcting Ball Alignment: Having your eyes over the ball is critical but also having your feet, hips and shoulders parallel to your target line is equally important.

A technique many professional golfers do is put a line on their golf ball and then use that line as a guide towards their target line.

The line will act as an excellent reference point and will keep you more parallel to the target line.  

8 - Looking Up Too Soon:
Weekend golfers have a tendency to look up too soon and not complete their putt. This results in too short of a follow through length and the club face not square to the target line. They become to anxious to see where the ball went. This also will cause their shoulders will turn too soon.  

To over come this problem, get in the habit of counting to two after you have hit the ball before you look up. This will get you in the habit of completing your putting stroke.

Keeping your left eye closed during your practice putts is another method of eliminating this problem.This will help keep you focused on your putting stroke and the ball. 

A "gimme" can best be defined as an agreement between two golfers, neither of whom can putt very well. ~Author Unknown

Now that you have a good foundation on how to putt then it is time to begin practicing Golf Putting Drills that well help you fine tune your game.

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